The work for the bildungsroman Hispanic American Lit unit. Worksheets, assignments, and notes from Bless Me, Ultima and the poetry.

Your reading assignments like dates and page #'s
Notes on Coming of Age Bildungsroman novels
Song #1
The BMU who's who sheet with conflict etc...
Two poems connection 1 pager and/or essay etc... Ch 1-2
This link takes you to an online copy of "Bells" for your essay - or - just type in Bells Santiago Baca into Google Book Search
Online version of "Bells" by Baca
The essay prompt for Bells and BMU
Chapters 6-8 work
Extra Credit film notes
Ectra Credit film permission and topics
Q/A from 3rd Presentations
Q/A Notes from 7th Presentations
Old Woman Ultima Quote Collage
cura.gif Curandera by Azrael
Essay with the Painting
1-11 Quote Collage with Partners
Dear Momma to video on Media Links page
Violence to Peace Link Your BIG poem essay
The Rubric to grade your BIG essay
The practice sheet
Directions and tips for the page above...can use on any essay!!